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Erau Festival In Kutai Kartanegara

Erau Indonesia is a cultural tradition that is held every year with activities in the city center Tenggarong, Kutai, East Kalimantan. Erau comes from Kutai, Eroh which means crowded, boisterous, noisy, joyful atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively, boisterous voice in the sense of the many activities of a group of people who have good intent and meaning is sacred, ritual, and entertainment.

Erau first tijak ceremony held on to the edge of the land and showers when Aji Batara Agung Dewa Sakti was 5 years old. As an adult and was named the first King of Kutai (1300-1325), also held ceremonies Erau. Since then Erau always held any replacement or crowning any kings aquatic mammal.

During its development, the ceremony Erau apart as the coronation ceremony of King, also for giving the title of King of the leaders or community leaders that is credited against the Kingdom.

Erau the ceremony performed by relatives Keraton / Palace by inviting all community leaders leaders who serve the kingdom. They come from all corners of the empire to bring supplies of food, livestock, fruits, and also the artists. In this Erau ceremony, Sultan Palace and other relatives gave a banquet to the people by providing the best possible service as Sultan gratitude for the devotion of its people.

After the end of the reign of Kutai Sultanate in 1960, the territory became an autonomous region of Kutai regency. Erau tradition be maintained and preserved as a party of the people and culture festival that being routine agenda of Kutai Regency in commemoration of the anniversary of the city Tenggarong, Kutai Sultanate central government since 1782.

Implementation Erau latter according to the procedure Kutai Sultanate implemented in 1965, when the ceremony was held Kutai Sultanate Crown Prince, Prince Aji Duke Praboe Anoem Soerya Adiningrat.

While Erau as Kutai ceremonies in an effort to preserve the culture of the new Kutai District Government held in 1971 on the initiative of Kutai Regent then, Drs.H. Achmad Dahlan. Erau ceremony held once in 2-year anniversary commemoration Tenggarong city that stood since 29 September 1782.

At the direction of the last Sultan of Kutai, Sultan AM Parikshit, then it can be implemented Erau Kutai regional government with the obligation to carry out a certain ceremonies, should not be doing the ceremony Tijak Giving Head and degree, and some activities are allowed like other ceremonies of the Dayaks, the arts and sports / agility.
Kutai regency government policy to make Erau a cultural feast that is to set the execution time Erau permanently in September related to the anniversary of Tenggarong city, and the capital of Kutai regency of Kutai Sultanate.

Erau festival which has now been entered in the national tourism calendar of events, no longer associated with the art and culture of Kutai Sultan but more varied with the appearance of a wide variety of art and culture that exist and live and thrive throughout the Kutai regency.


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